Binay Yadav

Job Title

Senior Project Engineer


Transportation - Highways

Length of service with the GNWT

4 years


Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering) – Concordia University
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) – Punjab University, India

What are your job responsibilities?

As Senior Project Engineer, I am responsible for implementing a variety of major projects for the Department of Transportation, including highways and related transportation infrastructure. My work involves everything from developing project plans to assembling engineering and community data, providing technical advice, and developing designs, specification, cost estimates and contract documents. I also collaborate with other government departments, community officials, contractors, consultants, professional engineers, technicians and the public. I have a number of projects on the go at any one time, and need to ensure all work is being carried out to specification, on time, and within budget.

How has the GNWT supported your professional development and advancement?

Since I have been an employee here I have received developmental professional training to help me in my job, as well as my Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) designation.

Why do you enjoy working for the GNWT?

I enjoy the friendly working environment, the many career development opportunities, and most of all, the challenging and rewarding position that I hold.

Can you share an interesting story/work experience with the GNWT?

When I first started working for the GNWT, I attended a meeting in Fort Resolution where I learned that the residents wanted a safer highway to drive on and that they wanted to be involved in construction. Working with the community, we selected the most critical stretch of road, which goes from Little Buffalo River Bridge to the town of Fort Resolution. With local involvement, we improved the drainage and embankment conditions last year, and this year we will complete the chip seal. Although the highway is not entirely complete, the community is happy that this section is much improved. One of the elders told me that the highway was so well repaired that he was going 130 km/h and didn’t realize it. Of course I told him the highway speed limit is 90 km/h not 130 km/h! His happiness was a great reward for me.

What would you recommend to someone applying on a GNWT position?

Working for the GNWT is rewarding and challenging, with plenty of career development opportunities and a very diverse and friendly working environment.

How do you feel your job makes a difference for Northerners?

I work with community members for their input so that I can provide the best service by ensuring safer highways. When building the highways, we work with many community members and so we keep people involved by employing them and contracting their local businesses.