Kindergarten-Grade 12

The NWT education system is divided into 8 regional education boards that are responsible for administering the schools within their region. Each board serves students from diverse cultural backgrounds and languages. The NWT has one of the best funded pupil-teacher ratios in Canada. The City of Yellowknife is unique because it has public, Catholic and Francophone school systems. French immersion is provided from Kindergarten to grade 12. There are two Francophone schools in the NWT- one in Yellowknife and one in Hay River. Visit .ca for a list of schools in the NWT, a student handbook, information on specialized services and details on curriculum by subject.


For postsecondary education, Aurora College offers a wide range of programs in six fields of study: education, health and human services, business, trades apprenticeship and industrial training, land and environment and academic upgrading. From Master - and Bachelor degrees to diploma and certificates, Aurora College provides a truly northern education with industry partnerships, Aboriginal perspectives and specialized training. Aurora College also has strong academic partnerships with southern universities offering many opportunities for transfer and advanced study after graduation.  Call  1-866-291-4866 or visit www to find out more.

Student Financial Assistance

NWT residents and their children can access one of the best postsecondary financial assistance programs in Canada. The purpose of the Northwest Territories' Student Financial Assistance (NWTSFA) Program is to assist NWT students with the cost of getting a postsecondary education.

There are three categories of students who can qualify fo1- NWTSFA Program benefits:

  •  Indigenous Aboriginal students are entitled to 12 semesters of funding, including basic grants and supplementary grant remissible loans.
  • Students schooled in the NWT are entitled to one semester of the basic grant and remissible loan for each year of grades I to 12 them successfully completed as a NWT resident.
  • Other, residents of the NWT are eligible to apply for a repayable loan.

More information on the NWTSFA Program can be found by clicking here or by calling toll-free at 1-800-661-0793.

Early Childhood

Care for pre-school age children is available through government licensed daycares and day homes, with some schools providing pre-kindergarten classes. Daycare costs range from $820 per month for a preschooler; to $885 for an infant. Licensed day homes typically cost less. According to an April 20 I 0, comparison of childcare costs across Canada, the average cost of infant spaces ranges from $600 per- month in Manitoba to over $1,200 per month in Ontario. On average, infant daycare in both Alberta and BC was more expensive than rates in the NWT.