Graduate Entry-Level Internship Program - Health Positions


The Health and Social Services (HSS) System Graduate Entry-Level Internship Program (GEIP) offers relevant work experience to Northern post-secondary graduates for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years. Interns are employed in health and social services authority (HSSA) positions related to their health and social services field of study.


The objectives of the GEIP are to provide recent post-secondary graduates with meaningful work experience, related to their education in the field of health and/or social services that allows them to expand their skills and competencies through ongoing mentoring, learning and development; and to prepare post-secondary Interns for future career opportunities within the health and social services system.


There are two aspects to eligibility:

  • You must be a Northern graduate
  • You must meet the academic eligibility

A northern graduate is an individual who has:

  • Resided in the Northwest Territories for 12 months immedidately prior to acceptance into post-secondary studies; AND,
  • Graduated from a recognized Canadian college or university in a certificate, diploma or degree program; AND,
  • Graduated within 12 months of application to the GEIP.


How to Apply

  1. Submit your cover letter and a current copy of your resume though the HSS Graduate Entry-Level Program job advertisement on the GNWT careers site at:                                                                                        
  2. If you meet the eligibility criteria, an email is sent to you indicating that you have been registered in the HSS GEIP. Registered applicants become candidates for Internships, and are retained on file for one year from the date of approval.
  3. If a potential Internship match to your education and experience is found, you are contacted for an interview by a hiring manager or supervisor.

 Helpful Information

  • Before you start employment, you must provide confirmation from the educational institution that you have completed the course work necessary for your certificate/diploma/degree.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your contact information is up-to-date.
  • You are encouraged to contact hiring supervisors and managers directly to outline your education and your interest in obtaining employment.  
  • For information on the program guidelines, please visit