Indigenous Career Gateway Program

The Indigenous Career Gateway Program (ICGP) is created to support Indigenous Aboriginal candidates who are at the conclusion of their studies and/or are seeking meaningful work experience.

This open advertisement is designated for indigenous Aboriginal people. Only applicants who self-declare at the time of application will be eligible for further consideration.

The objective of the ICGP is to target external Indigenous candidates for entry-level employment and trainee opportunities with the GNWT.

Indigenous Career Gateway Program Eligibility

ICGP placements are available to Indigenous Aboriginal persons(s).

Indigenous Aboriginal Persons means those persons who are descendants of the Dene, Inuit or Metis people, indigenous to the present boundaries of the Northwest Territories and includes any aboriginal person’s resident at birth pursuant to Section 23 of the Vital Statistics Act and any Canadian aboriginal persons who have lived more than half of their life in the Northwest Territories.

How to Appy

  1. Submit your cover letter, and a current copy of your resume through the Indigenous Career Gateway Program posting listed on our current openings.
  2. You will be required to provide proof of your Affirmative Action status.

You will be notified by email once all documentation has been received, and your registration is complete.

Learning Opportunity

If candidates do not meet the requirements of the target position the department may establish a trainee position and the employee will be provided with a learning plan and paid in accordance with the Trainees MOU.

Candidates identified for placement will be hired through a casual contract.  While the goal is to retain candidates within the GNWT, there is no commitment under the program to appoint the participant into the employing department indeterminately.  However, subject to satisfactory performance the department may choose to do so.

Helpful Hints

In order for your application to be considered, your cover letter and resume MUST INCLUDE the following information.

  • Your education and experience (include month, day and year);
  • If completing a program of study include your field of study (Education), type of certification (Certificate/Diploma/Degree) and your expected completion date;
  • Your updated contact information including your email address, phone number AND your permanent address.  Include your address at school (if applicable);
  • Your affirmative action status. 

If you require assistance with resume writing or interview preparation or for more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions, review the ICGP user guidelines or contact

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