Indigenous Career Gateway Program - FAQs

Do I have to do an interview?

Applicants should expect to go through an assessment process.  This process helps the supervisor determine if the candidate is suitable for the position.

Do I have to remove my resume from the casual database to be eligible?

Those already in the casual database are eligible to be considered for the ICGP.  However, you will need to apply to the ICGP. 

Is this going to replace the Regional Recruitment Program?

No, the Regional Recruitment Program continues.

Is my application for an indeterminate job?

The ICGP is intended to support applicants for entry-level positions for one and two year placements.  Indeterminate opportunities will be determined by the Department.  

If I want a specific position in a certain department, should I contact the manager directly?

Those seeking employment should start marketing themselves the summer before their final year of school and as soon as they are available for work.  If you are completing studies, you can send your resume to a manager; let them know you are graduating in the upcoming year and very interested in a position available in their area.

Managers identify available positions throughout the year, so it is good for them to know who is out there.

Always keep in mind that even though you may make every effort to market yourself.

Unfortunately, the ICGP is limited to the amount of Indigenous Aboriginal persons it can hire in one year.

Who should I contact to follow up with the status of my application?

Management and Recruitment Services
Department of Finance
Government of the Northwest Territories
Yellowknife Centre 5th Floor
P.O. Box 1320, Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9
Fax: (867) 873-0445