Meet Our People

If you speak with any of our career public servants you will find that many have a very diverse and interesting career path. The GNWT offers its employees the ability to change career focus while remaining with one organization. These career changes are possible because the GNWT provides training and supports employees that wish to pursue a secondary degree, diploma or other certification in order to further their career or allow the pursuit of a specialized interest.

With 11 departments and another 7 agencies, there are plenty of opportunities for mobility within our organization. The GNWT also offers employees transfer assignments to further their skills in specific areas. Employees can be transferred to another area in the GNWT, for up to two years, to develop new skill sets, with the intent that they will increase their chances of success and advancement in their original role. Employees are also welcomed to enrol in a variety of training courses offered by the GNWT and external contractors. Across the Northwest Territories, dedicated public service employees are working to provide quality programs and services to the people of the NWT. Our staff work in a wide variety of fields – policy, finance, education, health care, engineering, information technology, and wildlife management, to name a few.

Catherine Ardiles

Nurse Educator Mentor
Health and Social Services - System Human Resource Planning

“ Working with the GNWT can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. There are great benefits available for myself and my family.”

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Heather Hayne

Senior Technical Officer (Mechanical)
Public Works and Services - Asset Management

“ I like my job and the people I work with. We get the chance to see many places while renovating, reviewing new construction, or troubleshooting.”

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Frank Lepine

Manager, Fire Operations
Environment & Natural Resources - Forest Management Division

“ Working for the GNWT is very rewarding.”

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Brent Kaulback

Assistant Superintendent
Education, Culture and Employment - 
South Slave Divisional Education Council

“ Come North if you have as much passion for learning as you have for teaching.”

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Heather Sayine-Crawford

Cumulative Effects Biologist
Environment & Natural Resources - Wildlife Management

“ I would never have thought it possible to be pursuing a career I love at home in the Northwest Territories.”

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Binay Yadav

Senior Project Engineer
Transportation - Highways

“ I work with community members so that I can provide the best service.”

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Jamie Koe

Director, Policy and Planning
Finance - Deputy Minister's Office

“ ...our department is always aiming to ensure that northerners benefit from our work.”

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Renee Shelly Watts

Budget and Accounting Officer
Aurora College – Office of the President

“ I find working for the GNWT very rewarding and my job is always challenging.”

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Wanda White

Manager of Population Health
Health & Social Services

“ you learn the ways of the North, you can make a difference in people’s lives. I have an extremely rewarding career here.”

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Trixie Mercereau

Payroll Specialist
Human Resources

“ There are many opportunities and it is a great place to work with many excellent benefits.”

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