Trixie Mercereau

Job Title

Payroll Specialist


Human Resources

Length of service with the GNWT

31 years


Grade 12

How did you end up working with the GNWT?

When I was in my early twenties and a single mother, I applied for work with the GNWT and with the Federal Government. Both governments offered me positions, but I decided to accept the GNWT position.  The GNWT offered a one-year training program that would eventually allow me to become a computer operator. Computers were just being introduced into the workplace, so I felt the training would allow me to do a job with more security. I thought it was a good career choice for me. As it turns out, it was a very good way for me to get a start with the GNWT.  Eventually, I continued on to other more challenging positions within the GNWT.

Why do you enjoy working for the GNWT?

I really enjoy working with people and I like working in the public service. Making a difference is important to me and I feel I can do this through public service. I also enjoy working in teams and am always learning on the job.

What would you recommend to someone applying on a GNWT position?

I would encourage them to apply. There are many opportunities and it is a great place to work with many excellent benefits. I would also tell people to just be yourself and if you aren’t sure about something just ask. Look for the positive people in the workplace and spend time with them. Basically just treat others as you would like to be treated.

What is your background?

My parents moved North from Ontario in the 1950s and I was born and raised in the North. I grew up in Fort Smith and moved from there to Hay River eventually settling in Yellowknife.

What are the challenges of your job?

Given the length of time I’ve been with the GNWT it can sometimes be difficult to adapt to all the changes but I enjoy learning and I understand that it is a part of life. Change is inevitable.