Applicants who are experiencing buffering issues are encouraged to use a Firefox browser to complete their application.  Should this issue persist, please email your application to the contact listed on the job poster under GNWT Inquiries, and contact to report an issue.

How to Prepare Your Resume

Before you apply to a job posting, we recommend you organize your resume to clearly highlight the relevant education and experience you have that is required for the position as outlined in the job posting.    

You may only upload one document in eRecruit.   If you are attaching a cover letter with your resume you must upload them as one document. Your qualifications are assessed based on the information you provide in your cover letter and resume.  Once you submit your application, there is no option to go back or replace the uploaded document. If you want to update your resume prior to the closing date please contact us using the inquiries information in the job poster.

Your resume should include your:

  • name;
  • contact information;
  • priority category under the GNWT Affirmative Action Policy.
  • work experience in chronological order;
  • education including year of completion; and
  • accomplishments, skills and experiences (including volunteer) that may be relevant to the position you are applying on.

Please include accurate dates in your employment history and indicate  the month and year that you started and finished employment (e.g. June 2012 to September 2018).  It is also a good idea to explain any overlaps or gaps in your employment history in your cover letter and take the time to clearly show the hiring manager and recruiters that you meet or exceed the position qualifications.

Don’t forget to Customize!

Customize your resume to the specific job you are applying on. Review the job description and clearly highlight within your work history all the qualifications and experiences you have that relate specifically to the job you are applying on.

Your experience and education outlined in your resume will determine if you meet the screening criteria.

Declaring Affirmative Action

Applicants should identify their eligibility under the Affirmative Action Policy at the time of application to receive priority consideration. 

Please include a statement on the cover letter or resume identifying which affirmative action category applies to you.

For example, on the cover letter:

  • I am an Indigenous Aboriginal and wish to be given priority consideration under the Affirmative Action Policy.

Or on the resume:

  • Affirmative Action Candidate - Indigenous Non-Aboriginal.

Click here for additional Affirmative Action Policy information.


If you have indicated on your resume or application that you have a disability, your Human Resource Representative will ask if you require an accommodation during the staffing process. This may, for example, mean doing the assignment a different way.

If you do not indicate that you have a disability, the Human Resource Representative will not know to ask if you require an accommodation.


Applicants are asked to provide verification of:

  • Affirmative Action Status;
  • Education; and/or
  • Certificates.

If you are unsure what is considered verification (proof), speak to a Department of Finance Human Resource Representative.

Request a Resume Review

Your resume and cover letter document is the most important part of your application submission.  If you would like feedback on your resume or cover letter, please contact one of our Human Resources Service Centres where a team member will be happy to help.