Déline is located near the headwaters of the Bear River on the north shore of one of the world’s largest lakes, Great Bear Lake. A Sahtu Settlement area community, Deline has a stable population with a relatively high level of education and fluency in the North Slavey language. There is a well-equipped hotel, and anglers and hunters are attracted to the area. Residents have a variety of employment options, including rotational work in the Sahtu region.

Deline is accessible only by North-Wright Airways from Norman Wells in summer, and served by an ice road in winter. Ehtseo Ayha (Great Grandfather Ayha) School offers K-12, and there is an Aurora College Community Learning Centre. Local services include groceries, the hotel, a health centre and an RCMP detachment.

For more information, visit the community site or the GNWT’s Bureau of Statistics page

Additional community information can also be found on the LGANT site:

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