If you are a contact

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09/08/2021 - 14:33

How to know if you been in contact with someone who has COVID-19

When a person has been confirmed to have COVID-19, a health care provider will investigate who was in contact with that person. They call or follow up with all the people the person identified as being in contact with that are at risk of getting the virus. They will let them know that they were in contact with a person that was confirmed to be positive and provide instructions on what they need to do. This is called contact tracing.

If you are a contact

A health care provider will give you instructions on what you need to do if you were told that you had contact with someone with COVID-19. Please follow all the advice the health care provider gave you.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Call your health care provider or (for severe symptoms) 9-1-1 for instructions.
  • You and your household must follow the advice the health care provider gives.

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