Apply to Vary from Public Health Order Requirements (for Businesses/Activities/Gatherings)

Last modified: 
10/29/2021 - 13:10

Effective October 22, 2021, any business, organization or individual that would like to vary from the current public health order on gatherings will need to apply for a Request to Vary from the Public Health Order and have received an approval. This application must be completed by businesses, organizations hosting gatherings and events that wish to exceed the current indoor limit of 25 people or outdoor limit of 50 people.

This includes businesses, organizations and groups who would like to use Proof of Vaccination Credentials to expand their capacity.

Applying for an exemption

  1. Complete and submit the Application to Vary from Public Health Order Requirements Form 
    • Answer the information and questions requested on the application to vary from the public health order. Once completed submit the application. You will receive an email copy of your application within 24 hours.
  2. The Office of the Chief Public Health Officer will review your application and will follow up with you if they have additional questions.
    • Submit your request as early as possible as it takes an average of 5 business days to process. Urgent requests can be made.
  3. You will receive a letter/email from the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer informing you if your request has been approved and what additional public health measures you must take. If approved, you will receive a Certificate of Approval that must be posted and clearly visible by the public at your location. This sign and the letter will have the details and any conditions of your approval to vary including the number of people permitted in your premises.

Submit an Application to Vary from Public Health Order Requirements