Economic Recovery

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Fri, 05/29/2020 - 13:46

The GNWT has begun the slow and steady process of emerging from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Economic recovery will need to begin within NWT borders; and will depend greatly on what we can do together and for each other. 

NWT Wage Top-up Program

The GNWT is asking NWT businesses to administer the program for their eligible workers on their behalf.
In return, the GNWT will pay a one-time administration fee, in the amount of $50 per eligible employee, to each participating business.

How employers can apply for funds

Businesses are asked to submit the following information for their employees who earn less than $18/hour; and are at least 15 years old at the time of application:

  • each employee's name;
  • the current hourly rate without the top-up;
  • the number of hours worked per week; and
  • the business payroll cycle (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).

For more information about employee eligibility, please refer to the NWT Wage Top-Up Program Policy.

The submission must also include the business name and contact information and may be submitted at any time by:

The GNWT asks employers to submit the information for each month during the 4-month benefit period; however, if a business cannot submit monthly, or do not want to participate, it is asked to notify the GNWT by emailing

For more information visit this page.

Support for Entreprenurs and Economic Development (SEED) Program

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI)’s SEED program has been adjusted to encourage and support new, innovative proposals that reflect the realities of the new post-COVID-19 economy. For details, check out the SEED Funding Program webpage

Creative Industries Economic Recovery Funding

The Government of the Northwest Territories, is providing special funding through the NWT Film Commission and NWT Arts for film and arts related initiatives in light of COVID-19 impacts.

This one-time economic recovery funding (for the 2020–21 fiscal year) is special support for our Artists, Film Producers and Arts Organizations who are preparing to resume or re-define their professional activities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

$250,000 is available in total. To learn about the guidelines and submit an application, visit this page.