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Emerging Wisely for Business

The WSCC is working to support the OCPHO to help employers and workers stay safe. Under the Safety Act and OHS Regulations, all employers are legally responsible to take every reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of workers. That responsibility has not changed. WSCC will work with employers and industry associations through educational materials, online information sessions, and workplace inspections to help local businesses and organizations continue to run services and plan to restart safely.

Every workplace is different and will have different requirements. All employers must be able demonstrate that they are running their workplaces safely and that they have identified what additional safety measures and controls are in place in response to COVID-19. For more details about what is required during each phase for individual business types to resume operation, please see Appendix A of the Emerging Wisely Plan.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Meet the requirements for your type of business in Appendix A of the Emerging Wisely Plan.
  • Complete a Workplace Risk Assessment for your business.
  • Make sure workers perform a Worker Hazard Assessment for their particular job or task.
  • Use your risk and hazard assessments to create an Exposure Control Plan. This plan outlines how employers, supervisors, and workers will eliminate or control the risk of COVID-19 exposure at work. 
  • Develop, and provide training to workers about infection control and other protective measures workers must take to protect themselves

Employers do not need approval from the WSCC to reopen once the OCPHO has lifted business restrictions. However, employers must have an Exposure Control Plan in place before they open to make sure that they are able to run their business safely.

Workers and employers with questions or concerns about managing the risks of exposure to COVID-19 for their workplace can visit the WSCC website for information or contact a WSCC OHS Inspector by emailing covid-19@wscc.nt.ca or calling 1-800 661-0792.

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