Housing and Rent Support

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09/23/2021 - 16:37

The Canada-NWT Housing Benefit

The Canada-NWT Housing Benefit (CNHB) provides a Portable Housing Benefit to assist with rental costs, to a maximum of $800 per month. This territorially mandated benefit is available to eligible priority groups who are paying more than 30% of their gross income towards rent. This benefit is not available to homeowners at this time.

A portable housing benefit is a monthly subsidy provided to low-income households to assist with housing costs. This is tied to the household and can be used to help pay rent anywhere in The Northwest Territories.

The CNHB pays the difference between 30 per cent of the household’s income and the average market rent in the area. For recipients of social assistance, the CNHB will pay the difference between the shelter allowance and the household’s rent and utilities costs.

The program is administered by the NWT Housing Corporation and the benefit amount will be reviewed every year.

  • Information on the CNHB can be found here.
  • Application form for CNHB can be found here.
  • Questions and application forms should be sent to: CNHB@gov.nt.ca or 1-844-NWT-HOME (1-844-698-4663).

Rental Office

Regulations came into effect on April 9, 2020 to allow tenants to defer their rental payments. For more information see:

Rental Office services will only be available by phone or email. Residents who have hearings scheduled in-person will be contacted to re-schedule to a telephone conference format. If you currently have a hearing scheduled by teleconference, it will NOT change. This will be in effect until further notice.

Emergency Homeownership Repair

Homeownership programs will also be limited to repairs related to health and safety.  Applications will be taken over the phone with the assistance of LHO offices. 
1-844-NWT-HOME (1-844-698-4663)

Public Housing

The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation’s (NWTHC) service levels for its rental housing will be focused only repairs related to the health and safety of the unit.  Tenants of these programs are permitted to delay their payments to Local Housing Organization (LHO) offices until a later date if they wish. Evictions from rental housing will not be carried out unless there is a significant matter including risk to other tenants or the NWTHC’s building.  Communications for clients are continuing to be issued including posters, website postings, and through community advertising. This includes information on where residents and tenants can find out how to contact the NWTHC.

Homelessness Assistance Fund

Homelessness Assistance Fund applications will continue to be processed to ensure that residents who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless have an opportunity to access stable housing.  The NWTHC will continue to collaborate closely with GNWT Departments and stakeholders to ensure matters related to homelessness receive prompt attention.

1-844-NWT-HOME (1-844-698-4663)

Land Lease Fee Relief

Rent relief is available to all holders of existing recreational and residential leases, on public land and applies retroactively to April 1, 2020 until March 31, 2021. This allows all leaseholders to receive the same rent relief as those who received it at the beginning of the pandemic. The rent relief does not apply to new applications received after April 1, 2020. If you have already paid rent that was due during this period and your account is in good standing, your payment will automatically be refunded. For more information, visit the Land Lease Fee's page.