Gatherings and Events

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Fri, 05/22/2020 - 13:26

public health order to relax restrictions on gatherings was put in place on April 15, 2020to allow five people to visit, if the total number of people in the home is 10 or less. Private outdoor gatherings allow for 25 people or less. Failure to comply with the order can lead to:

  • 6 months in prison and / or
  • up to $10,000 in fines.

Gatherings include but are not limited to:

  • House parties or get-togethers of any size with those you don’t live with
  • Feasts
  • Organized outdoor and indoor events (jamborees, festivals, hamlet days, etc.)
  • Religious services/church events
  • Funerals and weddings
  • Recreational facilities/indoors (arenas, pools recreational centre, youth centre, gyms)
  • Bingos/Chase the Ace
  • Community centres

Outdoor gatherings of 25 people or less are still allowed if strict social (physical) distance of at least two metres is maintained the entire time. If not, these gatherings are illegal.

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Funeral and Burial Services

Funerals are an exceedingly difficult time for mourners and family to follow social and physical distancing of 2 meters from one another.

At this time, indoor funerals are not allowed.

If your family wishes to have an outdoor funeral service, you must take reasonable precautions to ensure that people follow social (physical) distancing, use hand sanitizers, and do not make contact with others outside of their household.

To hold an outdoor burial service, you must:

  • Allow only direct immediate family or close relations to attend. Maximum number of people that can attend is 25, which includes the officiant (e.g. priest).
  • Everyone must practice physical distancing by household group while at the gravesite.
  • Travel to and from the burial service must be by household group.
  • Shared transportation to and from the service must be limited to 10 people or less as long as physical distancing is maintained between household groups.
  • No sharing of food or drinks.
  • Hand sanitizers must be provided for everyone.
  • Anyone with pre-existing health conditions or COVID-19 symptoms must not attend.

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Events of Concern

The Department of Health and Social Services issues public bulletins to inform citizens if they may have been in attendance at an event or location of concern related to COVID-19. If you attended these events or locations, you should mandatorily self-isolate immediately for 14 days after your last exposure and contact 8-1-1 to determine how to get tested for COVID-19.

  • Imperial Oil, Kearn Lake Site - April 30th 2020, Northwest Territories
  • Pacific Dental Conference 2020 - March 6-8th Vancouver, British Columbia
  • PDAC Conference 2020 - March 1-3, Toronto, Ontario

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