Guidance for businesses

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09/09/2021 - 11:34


The community of Behchoko is currently under a Containment Order, to learn more visit: Questions and answers - Containment Orders.

Yellowknife, N'Dilo, and Dettah are currently under a Gathering Restrictions Order, please visit 'Gatherings and Events' for more information. The Order supersedes the information below in those communities. Organizations and businesses with an existing approved variance may revert back to the capacity limits and protocols from those variances. 

How to safely operate your organization

  1. Complete a risk assessment and worksite precaution planning for your organization
    • You DO NOT need to submit your risk assessment to WSCC. However, keep the risk assessment and exposure control plan available at your workplace for WSCC inspection or for employee reference
  2. Complete an exposure control plan to mitigate the risks identified in your risk assessment
    • Personal protective equipment for employees and volunteers should be determined based on the completion of the WSCC risk assessment and the exposure control plan. To have an OHS Inspector help with your exposure control plan or with conducting a risk assessment for your business, please email sends e-mail).

Businesses that require approval prior to opening

  • All business/organizations are required to develop and implement an exposure control plan to eliminate or minimize worker exposure to COVID-19. This plan must be available if requested by a Public Health Officer.
  • Most businesses no longer require approval to be open. Up to 200 people are permitted to gather indoors and outdoors without approval. OCPHO approval is required for:
  1. Gatherings of over 200 people (indoor and outdoor)
  2. High-risk activities, including:
    1. Live singing
    2. Wind instrument performances
    3. Indoor dancing
    4. Funerals (indoor and outdoor)
    5. Handgames
    6. Indoor winter sports

To host a gathering of over 200 people or a high-risk activity, apply for an activity exemption.


  • Talk with staff about how to identify and manage risks.
  • Ask everyone with cold or flu-like symptoms to stay home, including employees, contractors, and customers.
  • Have staff and customers practice physical distancing by staying 2-metres apart. If this is not possible, encourage the use of non-medical masks.
  • Reduce the use of shared surfaces, and regularly disinfect them.
  • Provide staff and customers access to hand sanitizer and have them clean their hands frequently.
  • Although they are not required for all businesses, it is recommended that businesses complete WSCC Risk/Hazard Assessments.


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