Emerging Wisely – Path to Eased Public Health Restrictions

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Tue, 05/26/2020 - 13:26

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Emerging Wisely

Emerging Wisely outlines the GNWT’s path forward to emerging safely and wisely from the current COVID-19 public health restrictions.

Emerging Wisely provides a five-part plan taking the territory from the containment measures in-place today through four phases of eased measures. The phases are as follows:

Emerging Wisely identifies what requirements must be met to begin moving into each phase, and includes progressively eased restrictions on people, businesses, and activities important to residents.

The Plan
Blazed and Confused?

A sortable Emerging Wisely Risk Assessment Sheet is available for download to help inform organizations and businesses on which phase they sit in, and what they need in preparation for opening. 

Information for businesses seeking to reopen

Check out the Employers + Employee's section of this site for more information about Emerging Wisely for Businesses.

For additional resources, visit: https://www.wscc.nt.ca/health-safety/covid-19 (Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission)

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