Relaxing Phase 1: First Steps

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Mon, 06/29/2020 - 13:47

Relaxing Phase 1 came into effect on May 15, 2020. All essential steps were successfully implemented, there was no evidence of community spread within the territory, and no widespread reports of non-compliance. To read more about the essential steps, see Emerging Wisely Document.


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Interpersonal interaction increased

Establish a friendship circle for indoor visitors to your house

  • Each household can have up to five people they don’t live with come over and be inside their house.
  • A maximum of 10 people in total can be inside the house at any time. This is required.* 
  • It’s strongly recommended that in your household, you keep a circle of friends as small as possible. Here are a few good ways to do it.
    • Keep to your fave five: Stick with the same five people to invite over to your place. Remember – you could still hang out with others at a park or in your backyard as long as you keep two metres apart. Your fave five would just be for inside your house where the risk is highest.
    • Have each person in the house pick one person they will have over regularly: this is a great way to make sure your best friends can come over for a coffee, while your household’s circle stays small.
    • Pick another house with your best friends or a family you get along with and have them over regularly: this is another way to keep your circle small.
  • Strongly recommended that you keep physical distance of two metres in your house as much as you can to protect each other.
  • If you’re having someone over who’s older, has a weaker immune system, or has an illness already, we strongly recommend no other outside visitors while they are there. We are counting on you to use common sense to protect each other while we all get some relief from being cooped up.

Outdoor get-togethers of 25 or less (including funerals and weddings)

  • Physical distance of two metres can be maintained
  • Appropriate hand-washing or sanitizing can occur
  • Travel happens by household group, and
  • No shared food or beverages.

Playgrounds open

  • Disinfection control protocols must be in-place.

Some businesses and organizations may open

With strict physical distancing, protective equipment, client limits, and strong infection control measures

Several types of businesses can open if requirements are met: 

  • Personal services establishments defined in the territory’s order on gatherings and businesses.
  • Tourism operators using their experiences for “staycations” (i.e. only for local residents)
    • strict client traffic limits,
    • personal protective equipment, and social distancing measures inplace as-necessary 
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Bottle depots
  • Gyms and fitness centres
    • (only for personal training and outdoor classes) 
  • Shuttle buses

Some types of establishments cannot open: 

  • Bars and night clubs
  • Theatres and movie theatres
  • Dine-in portions of restaurants

All non-essential workers will still be expected to work from home wherever possible

Limited outdoor mass gatherings allowed

With strict social distancing, protective equipment as-defined by a risk assessment, customer and attendance control, and strong infection control measures in-place

Events being considered are: 

  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Outdoor theatres and plays

Organized outdoor activities may occur

With disinfection and physical distancing processes in-place – and businesses and organizations offering them may open with strict limits and altered business patterns.

This includes:

All must still follow outdoor gathering limits of 25 or less – which would include everyone doing or watching the activities at any given time.

Elementary, middle and high schools may open

  • Class size limits
  • Non-medical mask use for those over the age of 2 (except in rare circumstances)
  • Physical distancing
  • Enhanced hand-washing and infection control must be in-place.
  • No communal or self-serve food.

Community gathering spaces begin opening

With strict client limits based on capacity or hard caps, physical distancing, appropriate protective equipment, and infection control protocols in-place

Spaces considered are:

  • Territorial Park day-use areas and cook shelters
  • Indoor Fields and Community Gyms (excluding pools, arenas, and gymnastics gyms)
    • Capacity limits, enhanced handwashing and infection control protocols must be in-place. 
  • Outdoor faith-based gatherings
    • Same limits as outdoor gatherings.
  • Libraries

Capacity limits and enhanced hand-washing and infection control protocols must be in-place for all of the above.