Reopening your organization

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12/18/2020 - 10:51

To reopen your organization, you will need to take these steps.

  • Complete a risk assessment and worksite precaution planning for your organization
    • You DO NOT need to submit your risk assessment to WSCC. However, keep the risk assessment and exposure control plan available at your workplace for WSCC inspection or for employee reference
    • Complete an exposure control plan to mitigate the risks identified in your risk assessment
    • Personal protective equipment for employees and volunteers should be determined based on the completion of the WSCC risk assessment and the exposure control plan. To have an OHS Inspector help with your exposure control plan or with conducting a risk assessment for your business, please email

The following businesses must submit and receive approval by the Chief Public Health Officer prior to opening:

  • Children summer camps
  • Outdoor farmers markets, theatres, plays
  • Restaurants and bars with outdoor patio area
  • New and existing shelters
    • Existing shelters should submit their control plans for review even if some controls are already in place.
  • Implement the mitigation controls outlined in the exposure control plan
  • Employers shall also require their workers to complete a WSCC Worker Hazard Assessment before beginning work at any worksite
  • Open for business

Applying for an exemption

Organizations and businesses can apply for an exemption to open earlier or to increase their maximum capacity. The Office of the Chief Public Health Officer reviews the applications and may grant approval based on the organization’s unique situation and what public health measure they take to address the risk of COVID-19.

For information on how to apply, please see:

Guidance for safely doing business

  • Adopt enhanced cleaning processes.
  • Prioritization of physical distancing (maintain 2-metres distance between people)
  • The use of non-medical masks by clients and the public, especially when 2-metres distance cannot be maintained. Personal protective equipment (PPE) used by employees as required.
  • Increased hand hygiene


  • Contact WSCC for questions about risk assessment and control planning processes. Email or call 1-800 661-0792.
  • Contact ProtectNWT for questions regarding Emerging Wisely and how your business or organization fits within the plan. Email or call 1-833-378-8297.