Workers Traveling within the NWT

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These workers have different public health restrictions when entering the NWT:

  • Persons engaged in providing essential services, including but not limited to, health and social service providers, postal service workers, peace officers and others employed for the preservation and maintenance of the public peace, emergency responders, employees of and persons engaged by the Department of National Defence, municipal enforcement officers, community government essential service workers and, federal and territorial parks officers.
  • Persons engaged in providing support services to essential services workers.
  • Non-remote infrastructure project workers.

Anyone who is not listed above and feels they are essential should contact their employer.

Essential employees require WSCC risk assessment completed by their employer. For more information, please see:

Information for supply chain workers, flight crew, and airline employees

If they are in the NWT for less than 36 hours, they must self-monitor and comply with the social distancing protocols established by the Chief Public Health Officer while working and self-isolate while not working.

If they show symptoms of COVID-19, they must immediately self-isolate and call a health care provider.

If they will be in the NWT for more than 36 hours, they must:

If they are NWT residents and have not travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days, but have travelled outside the NWT as part of their work duties, they are exempt from the above, but must:

  • abide by  the Travel Restriction Protocol established by the Chief Public Health Officer while working outside of the Northwest Territories;
  • maintain 2 meters distance from persons outside their household while working. When this is not possible, wear a face-covering or personal protective equipment;

  • self-isolate while not working;
  • self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and complete the daily self-monitoring form while working outside of the Northwest Territories and for 14 days following their return to the Northwest Territories, and make the completed form readily available upon request from a public health official;  and
  • immediately self-isolate and contact a health care provider if they exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19.

Information for essential service workers, non-remote infrastructure workers and support workers

They must mandatorily self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival to the NWT in Yellowknife, Inuvik, Hay River or Fort Smith. They will not be allowed to self-isolate in a small community or other regional centre other than the four listed communities.

They must also:

  • Before coming to the NWT, complete and submit a worker self-isolation plan to a minimum of 14 days in advance of arrival. Protect NWT can also be contacted at 8-1-1 or 1-833-378-8297 (outside NWT). The self-isolation plan must be approved by Protect NWT before they can enter the NWT.
  • Obtain an approval document from the Chief Public Health Officer via Protect NWT, prior to entering the NWT.
  • Complying with their self-isolation plan.
  • Complete and submit the symptom check form to Protect NWT online or by calling 8-1-1 on their 2nd, 6th, 10th and 14th days of self isolation
  • Monitor their health for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Follow healthy respiratory practices.
  • If they are sick, they must not travel into the NWT.

Essential Service Worker employers should submit the Employer Permission To Work Application a minimum of 14 days in advance of the employee’s arrival in the NWT. Employers with multiple employee applications should consider submitting documents up to four weeks in advance. Applications can be submitted earlier if travel plans are known. If the request is approved, the Essential Service Worker must:

  • Complete 14 days of social distancing protocols established by the Chief Public Health Officer
  • Comply with all steps set out above.
  • Socially distance while working.
  • Self-isolate while not working.

If they show symptoms of COVID-19, they must immediately mandatorily self-isolate and call a health care provider.

Information for mining and oil and gas industry employees

The following steps shall be taken by all workers:

  1. Practice social distancing for 14 days prior to traveling within the NWT;
  2. Practice enhanced hand hygiene;
  3. Follow healthy respiratory practices and enhanced disinfection procedures;
  4. Monitor themselves for symptoms 14 days prior to traveling within the NWT, using the attached daily self-monitoring form;
  5. Follow guidance included in the Protocol if you or a member of your household have or develop COVID-19 symptoms during the 14 days prior to traveling within the NWT;
  6. Have the completed daily self-monitoring form ready if required to produce the completed form at a port of entry into the NWT; and
  7. Provide the completed daily self-monitoring form to their Occupational Health Supervisor upon arrival to the remote camp.

For more information, see Social Distancing Protocol for Remote Work Camps - In Relaxing Phase 2


Businesses and corporations are responsible for ensuring compliance with the public health order. If anyone believes that rules are not being followed, they are encouraged to email or call 1-833-378-8297. Complaints will be kept confidential and the NWT compliance and enforcement taskforce will follow up.

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