Stay Local

Spring break is approaching, and after nearly a year of living through a pandemic many of us are ready for an escape from reality. Non-essential travel outside the NWT is not recommended. The number of COVID-19 infections outside of the NWT are high, more contagious strains of the infection are being identified, and children are not eligible for vaccination.

Instead of travelling south this spring break, Stay Local and check out what our territory has to offer! Use the hashtag #StayLocalNWT on social media to share your adventures and experiences with other friends and families in the NWT.

Explore Local. Play Local. Travel Local. Support Local.

The NWT is brimming with adventure, activities, culture, history, and more. Experience the beauty in your own backyard, while supporting local businesses. Below is a list of links with information about northern staycations, trips, experiences and more, that individuals and families can enjoy this spring.

Spectacular Northwest Territories

  • Want to travel across the north? Or maybe you’d prefer a day activity in your own town, like ice fishing, dogsledding, or snowshoeing. Visit Spectacular NWT’s website to view local deals and choose your own northern adventure.

Northern Staycation

  • Explore the beautiful Northwest Territories and find operators in each region to bring you next staycation to life.

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce: Be a Tourist in your Own Town

  • From April 6th- May 9th, find out what Yellowknife has to offer and take advantage of tourism, hospitality and retail discounts and deal across Yellowknife, then enter your coupon book to win a prize.


Stay home, or stay at your own camp.

Restons à la maison ou dans notre propre campement.

Nek whane weneda gots’ę dechtah náned ndé, dene

ts’ xáhta anet’le

Nek wheęda hanì-le-dè dechnı nàahdè.

Iglungni aimayuksauyutin. Nunami igluruavuvit nayurlugu.

ᐊᐃᓯᒪᒋᑦᓯ ᐅᕝᕙᓘᓐᓃᑦ ᑐᐱᕐᕕᑦᓯᓐᓃᓗᓯ

Aipgaluttin aimmalunin aulaktukvingni.

Nizheh gwizhìt gòo gwatat nikwank’it danh t’inich’uh.

Neké thdąy tó nánıs nánedhër dé, ɂeyër nánedhër

kisata mîkiwâm ahpo kisata kiya oma askiy wikowin.

Dechtah nek anet’, íle énıdé nek nezhıı theneda.