COVID-19 At Home Student Screening Pilot Project

How to use your At Home COVID-19 Test Kit

Report your Test Results

The COVID-19 At Home Student Screening Pilot Project is a GNWT program designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in classrooms among unvaccinated children aged 5-11, by detecting asymptomatic cases early before they spread. This project and other public health initiatives will allow us to keep doing the things that are important to us, while being vigilant about the transmission of COVID-19 - especially among our young residents.

  • This program is being offered in the territory’s largest elementary schools where there is the highest risk of community spread.
  • This program is completely voluntary. To be successful, at least 25% of each classroom needs to participate. The more students who participate, the less frequently each student should be tested.
  • Each week, a representative number of each classroom’s students will be randomly selected and provided with an at-home test kit that will help monitor the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 in the classroom by detecting it early.
  • The test is not invasive and involves a simple nose swab in the lower region of the nose – like picking your nose!
  • This program will be in place until a significant number of students in this age range are vaccinated, and will allow students and teachers to safely continue in-person learning.

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