Recreational Leasing Management Framework

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Message from the Minister

As the Minister of Lands, I am pleased to share with you the Recreational Leasing Management Framework. This framework was completed after valuable input was gathered during many public engagement sessions, meetings with stakeholders and Aboriginal governments, online surveys, and more. 

Those who participated in the creation of this framework will notice that the document name has changed from the familiar Recreational Land Management Framework to the Recreational Leasing Management Framework. 

The decision to change the name came after reviewing comments from the public. The majority of the work being undertaken in the framework focuses on recreational leasing, and the title of the document now better reflects the scope of this work.

Together with the Land Use and Sustainability Framework, this document will guide how the GNWT manages recreational use of land for years to come. 

The next step is to implement the priorities outlined in this document through the development of policies and guidelines that will help us manage recreational use of public land in a manner that is transparent and reflects northern values. 

As we enter this next phase, we hope that NWT residents will continue to help us achieve these priorities by providing input and ideas that will help us improve our land management system.