An evaluation of the current status and trends of water chemistry and flow in the Coppermine and Lockhart Rivers’ watersheds. Data was assessed for seasonal and spatial differences and temporal trends and compared to relevant guidelines. This assessment supports cumulative impact assessment of water quality and quantity in the North Slave region of the Northwest Territories, helps to address downstream community concerns, and supports the development of water quality objectives for trans-boundary agreements with Nunavut. The historic and existing monitoring programs in these watersheds was also evaluated to determine if the program was adequate for detecting potential spatial and temporal changes in water chemistry.

Water Quality, Flow, Hydrology, Water Monitoring, Water Quantity, Water Resources, Coppermine River, Lockhart River, Status and Trends, Cumulative Effects, North Slave, NWT, Seasonal changes, Temporal changes, Spatial changes, Lac De Gras

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March 2015
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Research and data, Water
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Reports and Studies
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