Effective April 1, 2023: the Departments of Lands and Environment and Natural Resources have merged into one.

Apply for funding

Apply for funding

One important way that NWT CIMP generates cumulative impact monitoring and research information is by providing funding through an annual funding process for both Science projects and traditional knowledge projects to:

  • Indigenous, federal, territorial and municipal governments
  • academic institutions
  • non-governmental organizations

Scientific proposals must address Blueprint priorities.

An initial call for Letters of Intent (LOI) occurs in the fall and funding decisions are made in the spring. It is a competitive process in which reviewers and the NWT CIMP Steering Committee make funding recommendations to the program.

Information about the funding process (including instructions, templates, guidance and protocols) is available in the Science Project Funding Guide and the Traditional Knowledge Project Funding Guide

NWT CIMP has created Pathway to Better Monitoring in Canada's North, a step-by-step guide to designing northern monitoring programs using the pathway approach that encourages collaboration between science and indigenous knowledge, and addresses community and decision-makers' needs.

Another important resource for researchers to consider when working with Indigenous partners is Towards reconciliation: 10 Calls to Action to natural scientists working in Canada.

NEW: Additional funding opportunity for barren-ground caribou projects this year only!

NWT CIMP is excited to be working with Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) to provide a special one-time funding opportunity for barren-ground caribou monitoring and research through the Collaborative barren-ground caribou initiative: understanding drivers of population trends. This funding is available for projects that are science-based, traditional knowledge-based and/or projects that combine approaches, including community-led monitoring projects.

This funding is available through the standard application process for NWT CIMP. More information, including additional requirements, can be found in both Funding Guides.

Key dates for 2023-2024 funding proposals

  • Letter of Intent Issued: September 12, 2022
  • Letter of Intent Deadline: October 7, 2022
  • Call for Proposals Issued: November 10, 2022 (successful LOI recipients only)
  • Proposal Deadline: January 9, 2023
  • Announcement of Project Funding: late April 2023