NWT Environmental Audit

What is the NWT Audit?

The NWT Environmental Audit (the Audit) is an independent review to assess the effectiveness of the regulatory regime in the Mackenzie Valley, as well as the quality of environmental information and processes related to monitoring cumulative impacts. It is meant to check how well our regulatory system is working, and provide recommendations to help guide decision-makers.

The Audit is an obligation of the Sahtu, Gwich'in and Tłı̨chǫ land claim agreements and a legislated requirement of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act (MVRMA). The Audit highlights both successes and challenges. A key purpose of the Audit is to consider the challenges and provide useful recommendations that will improve how the environment is managed.

The MVRMA requires an Environmental Audit be completed at least every five years by an independent auditor. Four audits have been completed since 2005, most recently in 2020.

Informational Video about the NWT Audit

This video provides a summary of the purpose of the NWT Audit, and is available in multiple languages.