Prepare for wildfire with FireSmart NWT

For communities and local governments

For Indigenous governments and organizations, and those who work in local governments, here are the resources and information you need to help prepare your communities for wildfire.

Community wildfire preparedness day


Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is a national campaign that encourages people and organizations everywhere to come together on a single day to take action to raise awareness and reduce wildfire risks.

2024's Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is recognized nationally on Saturday, May 4, but local events can be held through Oct. 31.

How to participate

Events are community-led – by neighbourhood leaders, Indigenous governments and organizations, local leaders, non-profit organizations, and others. Here’s how to plan and execute your event.

  1. Gather neighbours, friends and family; and check with neighbourhood groups for ideas and participants.
  2. Choose your event.
    • Here are some ideas to get started: 
  • Hold a FireSmart information session with your neighbours. Ask residents to commit to one action item on their property and then hold a contest with a prize to the most active community member.
  • Hold a FireSmart work bee – invite local residents to roll up their sleeves and clean up dead and downed woody debris surrounding the community.
  • Hold a FireSmart chipping event – invite local residents clean up vegetation on their properties and haul it to the end of their driveway for pick up and chipping.
  • Invite the local fire department to come and help conduct FireSmart structure and site hazard assessments. Ask residents to commit to one action item on their property and then hold a contest with a prize to the most active community member.
  • Work collectively with your neighbours to make sure that every house in your neighbourhood have eaves that are clean and free of debris!
  • Celebrate these activities with a community BBQ after!
  1. Pick a date and location for your event
  2. Apply for funding: up to $500 is available to help you put your event on!
  3. Promote your event in the way that works best for your community
    • Here are some ideas:
      • Post to your community Facebook group – and encourage other people taking part to do the same.
      • Use the hashtags #WildfirePrepDay and #IamFireSmart on Twitter and Instagram along with pictures of your work to help build awareness
      • Make a poster to put up at the grocery store
      • Bring it up with your co-workers
    • Remember: using more will always get you more exposure
  4. Always take pictures

Community Wildfire Preparation Day Resources

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Posters and graphics

Wildfire protection plans

Community Wildfire Protection Plans developed for each community in the NWT apply FireSmart principles as part of a comprehensive wildfire prevention strategies.