Prepare for wildfire with FireSmart NWT

For neighbourhoods

If your neighbourhood, subdivision, small community, or cabin spots are prone to wildfire, working together to apply FireSmart principles is a great way to reduce your risk.

FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program (FCNRP)

FireSmart Canada developed the FCNRP to officially recognize neighbourhoods that have taken real steps to reduce their vulnerabilities to wildfire.

Because FireSmart is most effective when neighbours band together.

About the program

You can get FireSmart recognition status by meeting the following criteria:

  • Enlisting a wildland/urban interface specialist to complete an assessment and create a plan that identifies locally agreed-upon solutions that the neighbourhood can implement.
  • Sponsoring a local FireSmart committee, which maintains the FireSmart Neighbourhood Plan and tracks its progress or status.
  • Conducting FireSmart events each year that are dedicated to a local FireSmart project.
  • Investing a minimum of $2 per capita annually in local FireSmart Neighbourhood efforts.
  • Submitting an annual report to FireSmart Canada that documents continuing compliance with the program.

Become a neighbourhood champion

Every recognized neighbourhood needs a champion. Could it be you?

A neighbourhood champion rallies folks in their community to take up the FireSmart cause – and works with the NWT’s FireSmart representative throughout the application process.

If that sounds like you, contact us. We want to help you out!

How to apply

Contact the NWT FireSmart representative

Reach out to the NWT’s FireSmart representative and inform them that your neighbourhood is interested in becoming FireSmart.

Form a FireSmart Neighbourhood Committee

Have your Neighbourhood Champions(s) and/or the NWT’s FireSmart Representative recruit others from your neighbourhood to create a FireSmart Committee. The Committee can be made up of homeowners, Neighbourhood champions, fire professionals or anyone that is interested in improving the wildfire resiliency of your neighbourhood.

The committee is led by the Neighbourhood Champion(s).

NWT FireSmart Representative neighbourhood site visit

A Neighbourhood Wildfire Hazard Assessment is completed. The representative provides an evaluation of the community’s wildfire readiness and schedules a meeting with your local FireSmart Board to present the assessment for review and acceptance by the Board.

Create a FireSmart neighbourhood plan

The FireSmart Neighbourhood Plan is prepared by the FireSmart Committee and assisted by the NWT’s FireSmart Representative. The plan contains a minimum of three FireSmart mitigation actions. 

The plan is reviewed and approved by the FireSmart Committee.

Run FireSmart Events

FireSmart events which are outlined in the FireSmart Neighbourhood Plan are organized by the FireSmart Committee. These activities can range from information sessions to ‘work bee’ wildfire hazard clean-up session. FireSmart event(s) are mandatory for recognition and renewal. Use these Volunteer Sign-Up sheets to record your FireSmart event and neighbourhood involvement.

Apply for recognition

The application form is completed by the FireSmart Committee and the Local FireSmart Representative.

The FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition status is achieved after your neighbourhood submits:

Application is submitted to

Renewing your recognition status yearly

Applications and annual renewal of your recognition is completed by the FireSmart Committee and assisted by the NWT’s FireSmart Representative.

Send completed applications to the NWT Territorial Liaison:

Phone: 867-872-7728