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Information on management, distribution and reporting a sighting of amphibians and reptiles in the NWT.
Information for hunters including how to get a licence, equipment standards, harvesting in land claim areas.
Information about licences and permits required in the Northwest Territories (NWT) for wildlife-related businesses.
All research in the Northwest Territories (NWT) must be licensed.
Information for anyone researching, observing or handling wildlife in the NWT, including permits, forms and how to apply.
Information about description, distribution, harvest and diseases of the Arctic Fox in the Northwest Territories.
Information about herds, harvest and management of barren-ground caribou in the Northwest Territories
little brown myotis bat
Information about bats in the NWT.
Information about bear safety in the Northwest Territories.
Information about biodiversity and biodiversity action planning in the Northwest Territories.
Information about description, distribution, trends, protection, research and life cycle of birds of prey in the NWT.
Information about description, distribution, harvesting and habitat of black bears in the Northwest Territories.
Description, distribution, habitat, management and species at risk status of boreal caribou in the NWT.
There are five types of caribou in the NWT. Risks and management considerations for each type are very different.
Information about compliance, enforcement, Officers, and Inspectors.
Description, distribution, habitat, diseases and harvesting of the Dall's sheep in the NWT
Tundra wolf
Learn about how to get increased incentives for harvesting wolves in the new North Slave Wolf Harvest Area.
Information on getting a fishing licence in the Northwest Territories.