Collective Bargaining Update

News Releases

Yellowknife — February 10, 2019

YELLOWKNIFE (February 10, 2019) - After two days of mediation convened by Mediator Vince Ready, the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Union of Northern Workers have not reached a tentative agreement.

However, the parties have agreed to submit their outstanding issues to Mr. Ready for binding recommendations.

As a condition of agreeing to be bound by Mr. Ready’s recommendations, there will be no strike by the 4,000 members of the Union of Northern Workers at the GNWT. The Union has agreed to call off strike action scheduled to begin at 12.01 AM on Monday, February 11, 2019.

Mr. Ready commended both parties for what he called “considerable progress” made during the two days of mediation.  However, some key issues remain outstanding, including general economic increases, term of the agreement, and job security issues.

Mr. Ready has imposed a media blackout until his binding recommendations are released.  He said he will endeavor to complete his report in approximately 30 days.