Local Supplier Supporting Health Precautions with Locally Produced Sanitizer

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Yellowknife — May 15, 2020

Leadership continues from local business across the Northwest Territories (NWT) in filling the need for high-quality sanitizer during the COVID-19 crisis.

As global supply chains became challenged, 62 Degrees North medical supplies stepped up to deliver local hand sanitizer to protect residents and businesses from the virus.

Now, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is saying “thank you” to long-haul truckers keeping our supply-chains strong with a free bottle of 62 Degrees North product labeled with messages of gratitude and will be procuring thousands of bottles as the response continues.

The product will be stocked at land boundaries and provided as supply chain workers check-in on their way through the territory.

Thousands of bottles of their Health Canada approved, medical grade product has been distributed to governments, businesses, and clinics; and retailed to residents in the NWT as everyone stays on high-alert for hand-washing. 62 Degrees North is also approved by health Canada to produce medical grade hand sanitizer for NWT healthcare facilities.

This story is just one example of local businesses stepping up in these unprecedented times and the GNWT salutes the ingenious members of the business community in doing so.




”Every sector of society including governments, businesses, non-profits, and everyday residents are stepping up to push back against COVID-19 and protect our communities. If we’ve learned anything through the early stages, it’s that having a local supplies strengthens pandemic response – and companies like 62 Degrees North are leading the way in getting us there.”

- Diane Thom, Minister of Health and Social Services


“The delivery of essential goods is crucial in order to resupply our communities, and support our economy. Our supply-chain workers including truck drivers play an important role in making this happen and I salute those in the private sector for contributing to our health response and thank 62 Degrees North for contributing to our efforts to keep this sector and the people supporting it safe.”

-Katrina Nokleby, Minister of Infrastructure


Quick facts

·       Hand sanitizer is a crucial product in pandemic response as it provides for convenient, portable hand washing capabilities.

·       Hand washing is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself from COVID-19.

·       Hand sanitizer must be at least 60% alcohol to be considered effective.

·       Supply-chain workers like long-haul truck drivers are exempt from travel orders in order to keep the NWT stocked with the goods it needs – but social distancing must be observed by these workers when they are in the territory.

·       62 Degrees North produces hand sanitizer locally and has clinical grade certification from Health Canada.


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