January 18, 2013
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

(January 18, 2013) - I was saddened to hear of Dr. Robertson’s passing on Monday, January 14, 2013. It was during his ten years as Commissioner that the current borders of the Northwest Territories were recommended, and our strong, unified territory owes its beginnings to his leadership. He served with the first, second, third and fourth Legislative Councils of the Northwest Territories, the forerunners of our fully elected Legislative Assemblies.

January 17, 2013
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

(January 17, 2013) - Ladies and Gentlemen – it is my pleasure today to address you on behalf of the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment on the important subject of economic opportunity in our Territory. As the Chair of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Infrastructure for the 17th Legislative Assembly, local economic development is something I feel very strongly about.