Yellowknife – February 11, 2019
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Mr. Speaker, we know that mental health and addictions issues are top of mind for many NWT residents and they are also priority area in the mandate of this Legislative Assembly.  To guide our work to address these important issues affecting our communities, the Department of Health and Social Services developed a Strategic Framework for Mental Health and Addictions Recovery in the fall of 2016.

Yellowknife – February 7, 2019
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Mr. Speaker, I would like to update Members on our government’s recent work on cannabis public education and community health engagement.   


Northerners have told us that they want more evidence-based, culturally relevant information on the health effects of cannabis. In response to that call, the Department of Health and Social Services has been working in partnership with other Departments and agencies, as well as the federal government, to ensure that NWT residents have access to the information and resources they need in order to make informed choices.


Ottawa – January 22, 2019
News Releases

The opioid crisis continues to devastate individuals, families and communities across the country. Without increased access to effective, evidence-based treatment options, people will continue to be at risk for overdose.

Yellowknife – November 9, 2018
News Releases

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has released the Government of the Northwest Territories Disability Action Plan 2018/19-2021/22. The Action Plan identifies key activities the government is doing to improve support for NWT residents with disabilities. 


The Disability Action Plan focuses on five key objectives:

Inuvik – November 8, 2018
Public Service Announcement

The Health Service Adminsitration toll free line for is now working. NWT residents can call 1-800-661-0830 or email for questions regarding their health care cards or vital stats.

Inuvik – November 7, 2018
Public Service Announcement

If you are having difficulty reaching any person through the Health Service Administration Office’s toll-free number it is due to phone system issues at the facility. These issues include a lack of all voicemail services and issues with the toll-free number being busy.


Staff are working with NWTel to fix the issue. If you your experiencing these issues, please call the direct line 1-867-777-7413 or email

Yellowknife – November 1, 2018
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Mr. Speaker, over the last five years the Government of Northwest Territories has worked in partnership with people and organizations across the NWT to better understand and meaningfully address the root causes of poverty in this territory. This outreach supports our mandate commitment to reduce poverty in the Northwest Territories.


Yellowknife – October 30, 2018
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Check Against Delivery

Mr. Speaker, as a government we have committed to putting the principles of reconciliation in action and to transform the way that we deliver programs and services to be more culturally informed and respectful throughout our mandate.  Today I would like to update colleagues and the public on efforts we have been adopting within our health and social services system to put these principles into action to better serve our residents.


Yellowknife – October 26, 2018
News Releases

The Government of the Northwest Territories released the NWT Oral Health Action Plan 2018/19 – 2020/21 today. The goal of the three year Oral Health Action Plan is to reduce tooth decay, tooth loss and chronic pain in NWT residents, particularly in children and youth.


Yellowknife – October 25, 2018
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Mr. Speaker, the Government of the Northwest Territories made a commitment in its mandate to ensure that effective supports and programs are available for persons with disabilities. Our government believes that every person living with a disability has the full right to citizenship and opportunity which is why we have been working with our partners and stakeholders to advance plans that will effectively guide our efforts to support this goal.