Yellowknife – September 11, 2019
Public Service Announcement

A large high-resolution geophysical survey will provide additional insight for mineral explorers and development companies interested in the Northwest Territories’ (NWT) Slave Geological Province.

This study, commissioned by the NWT Geological Survey (NTGS), provides detailed airborne magnetic survey data from a promising, yet under-studied region.

The survey measured naturally occurring variations in the Earth’s magnetic and electromagnetic fields which can help indicate potential for the presence of several types of mineral deposits.

Yellowknife – August 15, 2019
Public Service Announcement

Effective today, the Department of Health and Social Services’ Office of the Chief Public Health Officer has introduced changes to the current NWT Food Establishment Safety Regulations (‘Regulations’).

Yellowknife – July 19, 2019
Public Service Announcement

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment has issued fire bans for Fred Henne and Yellowknife River Territorial Parks in line with the City of Yellowknife’s city-wide ban.


The setting and use of fires is prohibited at these two parks until further notice.


The use of camp-stoves and enclosed BBQs is permitted. Propane-fuelled burners are also permitted for heating and/or cooking, but must be used within the confines of the fire-pit.



Yellowknife – June 19, 2019
Public Service Announcement

Due to extremely dry forest conditions and the threat of wildfires, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) has closed the 60th Parallel Territorial Park until further notice.


Fire bans have also been put in place for the following parks effective immediately:


Fort Smith/Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park Hay River Territorial Park Little Buffalo Falls Territorial Park Twin Falls Territorial Park


Yellowknife – June 4, 2019
Public Service Announcement

The Minister of Health and Social Services wishes to announce that the Government of Northwest Territories will now cover Mifegymiso for NWT residents with a valid NWT Health Care Card who do not have full coverage for prescriptions under another program or group insurance plan. 


Yellowknife – May 23, 2019
Public Service Announcement

On May 30th, 2019, the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs will present the Northwest Territories (NWT) 2019 Outstanding Volunteer Awards at a ceremony in Yellowknife.  These annual awards provide an opportunity to show our appreciation to volunteers and volunteer organizations for their outstanding contributions in communities across the territory.

 MACA presents the NWT Outstanding Volunteer Awards annually to one individual, one youth, one elder, and one group who have helped improve the quality of life in the NWT through volunteerism.

Yellowknife – May 15, 2019
Public Service Announcement

Gates will swing open at most parks across the Northwest Territories this week as camping season officially gets underway. 


Parks in the South Slave, North Slave and Sahtu began welcoming overnight guests on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019. All NWT parks will be open by June 1st, 2019.


With more than $7 million in planned and continuing investments in world-class parks infrastructure, NWT park users will notice improvements completed and underway – all of which are being done to improve experiences for visitors and residents alike.


Yellowknife – May 10, 2019
Public Service Announcement

Yellowknife Airport continues to focus on improvements that contribute to better passenger experience.  Necessary upgrades are being made to the regular baggage screening system.  As a result, passengers with checked baggage are asked to arrive 90-minutes before their scheduled departure time to avoid delays. During this phase of the upgrades, passengers are required to have their bags tagged at the airline counter before bringing them to the oversized baggage area for screening. This phase of the project is scheduled to continue until the end of May.


Yellowknife – May 10, 2019
Public Service Announcement

The Government of the Northwest Territories has released the first of two videos explaining the methods used to estimate barren-ground caribou populations in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

Numbers of barren-ground caribou are in decline across the NWT, with the most rapid and significant declines in the Bathurst and Bluenose-East herds. The latest estimates from surveys conducted in 2018 showed that both herds have decreased by half or more in just three years.

Yellowknife – May 9, 2019
Public Service Announcement

Minister of Health and Social Services Glen Abernethy has released the new 2019 Health and Social Services Northwest Territories Help Directory. The Help Directory is available in print and online in both English and French.


The Help Directory is designed to assist NWT residents by providing up-to-date contact information on health services available to them. The 2019 edition includes new information such as the: