Reporting on the Mandate

The GNWT is committed to being accountable to the people of the NWT and this is no different for reporting on government priorities.

During the 18th Legislative Assembly, the GNWT regularly reported and shared updates on the GNWT’s Revised Mandate and Priorities of the 18th Legislative Assembly.

As part of the GNWT's commitment to improve openness and transparency, updates were provided on its progress toward implementation of the Mandate through annual reporting to the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning, a Mandate reporting website and other regular reporting to the Legislative Assembly and the public.

In total, the Revised Mandate set out 230 commitments under five major themes:

  • Economy, Environment and Climate Change
  • Education, Training and Youth Development
  • Cost of Living
  • Community Wellness and Safety
  • Governance

The Mandate reporting website allows the public to track the GNWT’s progress on each commitment under the five themes and priorities, indicating whether the commitment and related milestones are in planning, in progress or fulfilled.  The website also provides background information for each commitment.

Last modified: 
September 26, 2019