Fur trimmings donated to schools to support traditional arts

YELLOWKNIFE (February 9, 2016) — A popular initiative of the Department of Industry Tourism and Investment (ITI) is, once again, providing Northwest Territories’ students opportunities for hands-on learning in traditional arts and crafts.

ITI is sending boxes of fur trimmings collected through its partnership with the Canadian Fur Harvesters Association to 42 NWT schools.  The fur offers educators a tool to profile and talk about the NWT’s culturally-rich traditional arts sector. Using trimmings, left over in the commercial process, ensures every piece of fur is used.

“We know that the creation of traditional arts and crafts can have a positive impact in the NWT,” said Minister of ITI Bob McLeod, “this is a simple, inexpensive way to encourage and support these activities amongst our youth.  It reflects our recognition of the important role that arts and fine crafts play in both our society and our economy.”

The arts and crafts sector, as an integral part of the NWT’s traditional economy, serves to strengthen and preserve the cultural identity of the NWT while increasing and diversifying local and regional economies by providing artists – especially those in smaller communities, with income opportunities.

Investment in renewable resources, arts and the traditional economy has been identified as a priority by the 18th Legislative Assembly to realize economic diversification and environmental stewardship in the NWT.

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