2015-2016 Recipients of the High Performance Athlete Grant

YELLOWKNIFE (February 18, 2016) - The recipients of the 2015-2016 High Performance Athlete Grant were announced last week by Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) Robert C. McLeod and Maureen Miller, President of the Sport North Federation.

“The success of so many northern athletes on the national and international stage demonstrates both the need for, and the effectiveness of, the High Performance Athlete Grant,” said Minister McLeod.  “We have witnessed the value of this grant program as NWT athletes represented the territory with such pride at the previous three Olympic Games and we look forward to continued success at sporting events around the world. These athletes act as role models, as they are committed to pursuing healthy, active lifestyles which provide a positive example for all residents of the NWT and for future athletes.”

Sport North is an important partner in delivering sport programs across the North and also recognizes the value of this program.

“On behalf of the Sport North Federation I wish to congratulate the recipients of the High Performance Athlete Grants,” said Miller. “These athletes are not only successful in their chosen sport but are also high academic achievers. We celebrate their accomplishments with pride, both on the field of play at the highest levels, as well as the classroom. We look forward to following their future success.”

The recipients for the High Performance Athlete Grant program for 2015-2016 are:

  • Brandon Wallis (Yellowknife) – Hockey                                                  
  • Brandon Walterhouse (Fort Smith) – Golf                                                        
  • Brendan Green (Hay River) – Biathlon                                                
  • Connor O’Brien (Yellowknife) – Hockey                                                  
  • Carson Roche (Deline) – Soccer                                                   
  • Donny Boake (Yellowknife) – Cross Country Skiing                           
  • Gillian Waugh (Yellowknife) – Rowing                                                 
  • Hannah Clarke (Yellowknife) – Speed Skating                                      
  • Hunter Gruben (Tuktoyaktuk) – Hockey                                                  
  • Jacob Schofield (Yellowknife) – Hockey                                                  
  • Jessie Loutit (Yellowknife)– Rowing                                                 
  • Kaidan McDonald (Inuvik) – Hockey                                                  
  • Keelan Mooney (Yellowknife) – Swimming                                             
  • Kevin Durkee (Yellowknife) – Cross Country Skiing                           
  • Samuel Schofield (Yellowknife) – Hockey                                                  
  • Shannon Baetz (Inuvik)– Hockey                                                  
  • Shaun MacPherson (Fort Smith)– Hockey                                                  
  • Skylar Horton (Hay River)– Athletics                                                
  • Stephen Giovanetto (Yellowknife)– Swimming                                             
  • Tanner Dolynny (Yellowknife) – Swimming                                             
  • Victoria Rankin (Yellowknife) – Hockey                                                  
  • Zach Zorn (Yellowknife) – Hockey                                            

One of the NWT athletes who has benefited from this program and will be representing Canada on the world stage at the Biathlon World Cups internationally is Brendan Green of Hay River.

“I truly believe the North is leading the way in high performance funding in support of amateur athletes,” said Green. “The NWT is continuing to develop and support elite athletes that are competitive with the best in the world. Personally, the High Performance Athlete Grant has been instrumental in my career as an Olympian and fundamental in my development as an athlete. This program is putting Northern athletes on the map and I know there will be many more incredible athletes to come out of the NWT as a result.” 

The High Performance Athlete Grant program provides financial support to high performance athletes from the NWT. The Sport North Federation and MACA jointly approve all recipients. More details on the High Performance Athlete Grant program can be found on the MACA website at www.maca.gov.nt.ca.

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