Alfred Moses: Launch of MyECE for Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification

Mr. Speaker, this Government is committed to finding new ways to make it easier for NWT residents to acquire the skills and training they need to get good jobs and to connect employers to trained and qualified employees. The Department of Education, Culture and Employment plays a key role in this by focusing on fostering lifelong learning, skills development, training, and employability. That includes expanding opportunities for trades-oriented learning, while also enhancing our communications, service delivery, and way of doing business.

Today, I would like to tell Members about a new online service that the Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification Program, launched over the summer that demonstrates our continued efforts to meet these commitments.

This new online system called MyECE – Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification was created to increase access to Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification services and program updates. With this new service, registered Apprentices, Trade Qualifiers and Occupational Certificate trainees have access to program information, can monitor progress in their chosen trade, view results of their technical training and exams and can download official copies of marks and school notice letters.

The system also offers apprentices and trainees a search and request function for technical training courses, providing access for further training and skill development.

Mr. Speaker, these changes are the result of stakeholder input received over this last year. Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification staff have also been engaging stakeholders and collecting information to assist us in developing an NWT Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification Strategy.

This Strategy will outline how the Government of the Northwest Territories will strengthen and improve the apprenticeship and occupational certification program for employers and apprentices alike. It will address one of the priorities of the 18th Legislative Assembly – expanding opportunities for post-secondary education, trades-oriented learning, and northern educational institutions. The Strategy will be aligned with the goals of the Department’s Skills 4 Success initiative, which aims to improve employment success for NWT residents, close skills gaps for in-demand jobs and more effectively respond to employers’ skill needs.

Mr. Speaker, this Government knows that improving access to program information through the expansion of its online services is essential, and defined in the Service Innovation Strategy. In this age of consumer driven information, service, and expectation, introducing MyECE – Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification not only provides that important information to apprentices and trainees, it helps provide an avenue for residents to make informed decisions on their careers and future.

Mahsi, Mr. Speaker.