Commitees-of-Cabinet Contribute to GNWT decision making

YELLOWKNIFE (April 6, 2016) – Terms of reference for eight Committees-of-Cabinet (COCs) have been approved by the Executive Council.

Each COC is mandated to provide an interdepartmental focus to identify issues, track efforts, coordinate policy and offer recommendations to the Executive Council or Financial Management Board in its defined areas of responsibility.

The eight Committees-of-Cabinet are:

  •          Energy and Climate Change Committee –of-Cabinet;
  •          Education, Training and Youth Committee-of-Cabinet;
  •          Cost of Living Committee-of-Cabinet;
  •          Community Wellness and Safety Committee-of-Cabinet;
  •          Infrastructure Committee-of-Cabinet;
  •          Economy and Environment Committee-of-Cabinet;
  •          Priorities and Planning Committee-of-Cabinet; and
  •          Governance Committee-of-Cabinet.


“Committees-of-Cabinet are an integral part of the Cabinet decision making process. By bringing together Ministers with similar responsibilities for in-depth discussions, COCs help ensure important issues are examined from multiple perspectives that consider the interests and views of all residents of the Northwest Territories. Examining proposed policies and new initiatives in COCs helps identify and address potential conflicts or unintended consequences before they are finalized and ensures Cabinet decisions are informed by appropriate analysis and evidence.”

  •           Bob McLeod, Premier

Quick Facts

  • COCs are supported by corresponding Deputy Minister committees that ensure collaboration and coordination occurs at the departmental level.
  • The approved mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories and priorities of the 18th Legislative Assembly informed the development of the terms of reference for the COCs.
  • COCs have been part of the government decision making process since the 16th Legislative Assembly.

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