GNWT releases first-ever Agriculture Strategy

YELLOWKNIFE (March 3, 2017) – The Northwest Territories’ (NWT) first-ever Agriculture Strategy was released today setting the stage for actions, investments and the development of legislative tools that will advance the increased production of fresh, healthy, safe and more affordable locally grown food choices, and new economic opportunities for NWT residents. 

The Strategy, titled The Business of Food: A Food Production Plan was developed from engagements with the Northern Farm Training Institute, the NWT Association of Communities, the federal government and NWT residents. Its implementation will support the 18th Legislative Assembly’s overarching priority to develop and diversify the NWT economy and the mandate commitment to develop and implement an Agriculture Strategy.

Under the Strategy, several GNWT departments will work to address the economic, regulatory and safety requirements needed to advance commercial agriculture in the NWT.


“The demand for affordable, locally grown food choices will create business and entrepreneurial opportunities that will work to strengthen and diversify the NWT’s economy overall. We want to see the NWT’s agriculture sector thrive.”
-Wally Schumann, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment

“Fresh affordable and locally grown food sources will promote community wellness and an enhanced quality of life for all NWT residents.  But this means more than just sowing seeds. We must work to establish regulations for the safe management and production of food and the sale of agriculture products in the NWT”. 
-Glen Abernethy, Minister of Health and Social Services

“The growth and development of our territory’s agriculture sector supports our government’s vision for sustainable land use.  We are committed to making land available to build a diversified economy that includes our agriculture sector for the future as part of the implementation of this strategy.”
-Louis Sebert, Minister of Lands

Quick facts

  • The NWT Agriculture Strategy is composed of 47 actions organized under six pillars: Planning; Community Leadership, Partners and Collaboration; Regulatory Measures; Training and Capacity Building; Resources; and Food Production.
  • The GNWT invests $1.2 million annually for agriculture programs and initiatives under its Growing Forward II partnership with the federal government.

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