GNWT releases Members of the Executive Council Handbook

YELLOWKNIFE (September 7, 2016) – In the interest of improving awareness of the role of Cabinet in the consensus government system, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is making the Members of the Executive Council Handbook publicly available.

The Handbook is given to Members of the Executive Council after being elected by one’s peers to serve on Cabinet and helps a new Minister better understand his or her roles and responsibilities.  The Handbook explains how a Cabinet meeting is run, how Ministers bring forward recommendations to Cabinet for deliberation and a decision, and how Cabinet does its work in a way that is in keeping with the process conventions of the Legislative Assembly.

The release of the Handbook is part of the GNWT’s commitment to improving openness and transparency during the life of the 18th Legislative Assembly.


“Helping people to better understand how we do business is an important part of changing the way we do business. Making more information about Cabinet accessible to the public helps people understand how their input influences the decisions of government. This is what our commitment to open and transparent government is all about.”

- Bob McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories

Quick Facts

  •           The deliberations of Cabinet meetings are kept entirely confidential so that discussions can be as frank as possible so Members can speak their minds to Cabinet colleagues. Full consideration of different, perhaps opposing, points of view are to be encouraged if Cabinet is to make informed decisions.
  •           Decisions are made by formal motion and require a mover, a seconder, an opportunity for discussion and a vote.  When there is no motion, any general agreements of Members will be reflected in the minutes as expressions of support for a particular position.
  •           Cabinet only considers documents which are signed and submitted by the appropriate Minister or Ministers. A Minister may sign a submission on behalf of another Minister.
  •           With the exception of occasional walk-in items, submissions are reviewed and assessed by Cabinet Secretariat advisors, support staff to the Premier and Cabinet, and any committees-of-council as appropriate.

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