Ministers Responsible for Arts Celebrate 30 Years of the Great Northern Arts Festival

July 11, 2018
Media Statement

YELLOWKNIFE (July 11, 2018) – Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment Wally Schumann and Minister of Education, Culture and Employment Caroline Cochrane offer the following statement commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Great Northern Arts Festival.

“The arts help build our economy, enhance our education, strengthen our communities’ and most of all, bring us together. They also contribute to the way we tell our stories, share our cultures, celebrate our traditions and bridge our past with our future.

“The NWT’s Arts sector enriches our lives and brings vibrancy to our communities.  It also serves a role in diversifying the economy – by providing artists with employment choices and income opportunities.

“For 30 years, visual artists, performers and enthusiasts from around the world have been drawn to Inuvik for the Great Northern Arts Festival; to showcase their work, meet other artists, and learn from each other.  This iconic annual festival has emerged as a defining influence on our Territory’s rich artistic landscape and a celebration of unity and diversity.

“The passion and perseverance of successive groups and volunteers has created countless opportunities for Northern artists to shine — and for us to experience, support and celebrate their unique and incredible talents.

“As proud partners from the beginning, the Government of the Northwest Territories is celebrating the growth of this once-grassroots event into the world-class showcase that it has become for our artists and our North.

“We congratulate the Great Northern Arts Festival on three decades of excellence – nurturing and supporting all aspects of the NWT arts community”.