Northwest Territories Highlighted in Canada 150 Production; Local Talent Assists

April 13, 2016
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YELLOWKNIFE (APRIL 13, 2016) — Filming recently wrapped up in Yellowknife for an immersive, 360- degree film experience which will feature the unique sights, sounds, and culture of the Northwest Territories (NWT).

SESQUI — a multi-media festival funded by the Government of Canada for the 2017 celebrations of 150-years of Confederation — shot footage to be included in a nationally touring presentation celebrating the diverse cultures and lands Canadians share in the Yellowknife area.

A team of Yellowknife locals were hired to assist the production team in their efforts to capture the spirit of the NWT. The NWT was the first jurisdiction in the North to be shot for the project.

The Northwest Territories Film Commission (NWTFC) assisted SESQUI’s team by connecting them with locations and local talent.

The NWTFC regularly connects guest producers to talent and locations to support the burgeoning film industry; practices outlined as key to building a successful industry in Take One: Film Strategy and Action Plan for the NWT.   


“It is exciting to have the beauty of our land and culture included in a production which will be shared across the country. The innovative approach SESQUI is taking to the cultural product they are creating is an example of the ingenuity we have in our media industries across this country. We are pleased the team used some of the considerable Northern expertise in our community to help bring our story to life. The Department of ITI will continue seeking to bring more guest productions to the NWT and assist in connecting these producers with local talent.”
- Bob McLeod, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment

Quick Facts

  • The NWT is the first of the territories to be filmed for the multi-media production.
  • SESQUI is short for Sesquicentennial; a term referring to a celebration of 150 years.
  • SESQUI’s programming will celebrate themes of shared landscape, creativity and home, with three domes travelling across Canada in 2017, uniting Canadians from coast-to-coast. Each dome will showcase technologically groundbreaking film, interactive programming, and live in-dome events, with each paralleled with rich online content.

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