Premier McLeod issues ministerial mandate letters

March 2, 2016
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YELLOWKNIFE (March 2, 2016) – Premier Bob McLeod has issued mandate letters to Cabinet Ministers. Tabled in the Legislative Assembly yesterday, the mandate letters represent the culmination of work undertaken by Members of the 18th Legislative Assembly to establish priorities and a mandate for the Government of the Northwest Territories for the next four years.

Developed in conjunction with the Mandate of the 18th Assembly, the mandate letters for each Ministerial portfolio clarify the expectations of individual Cabinet members, as well as Cabinet as a whole. Premier McLeod has committed to regularly reviewing the mandates and will provide an annual results report on the specific actions mandated in the letters.

In each mandate letter, Premier McLeod tells Ministers that residents want a government that is more open and transparent, and which is clearly open to input from them; to take the interests of all residents, in communities both big and small and in every region, into account; and that meaningful dialogue and engagement with the residents of the NWT must be an ongoing priority for all Ministers.


“We have made an important commitment to transparency and accountability. These letters will be posted on the GNWT website so all residents of the Northwest Territories and our partner Aboriginal governments can review and hold us accountable for our actions. The people of the Northwest Territories have entrusted all of us to manage effectively, prudently, and responsibly over the next four years. It is my expectation that each Cabinet Minister will do their part to achieve the Legislative Assembly’s vision of a healthy, just, sustainable and prosperous territory.”

-        Bob McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories

Quick Facts:

  • This is the second Legislative Assembly to post mandates publicly, both under the leadership of Premier McLeod
  • The Draft mandate letters reflect the priorities set out by all 19 MLAs and the now-approved Cabinet mandate of the 18th Legislative Assembly.

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