Premier McLeod Responds to Canada’s Apology to LGBTQ+ Canadians

November 28, 2017
Media Statement

YELLOWKNIFE (November 28, 2017) – The Premier of the Northwest Territories Bob McLeod issues the following statement today in response to Canada’s apology to LGBTQ+ Canadians:

“Today marks an important day for LGBTQ+ communities across our nation as the Prime Minister of Canada issues a formal apology to the LGBTQ+ Canadians for the discrimination and injustices they and their families have suffered.   This day marks a step forward in a journey towards healing and a more equitable nation for all residents of this country.  

“As Premier of the Northwest Territories I am pleased to see Canada making this apology. Our government believes that Northerners and all Canadians alike should be able  to live their lives free of discrimination and persecution. As the first jurisdiction in Canada to offer a third gender option on a birth certificate, we remain committed to ensuring individuals across the north are empowered and feel safe in the communities they call home.

“I commend the Prime Minister of Canada for issuing this apology and putting Canada at the forefront of this issue. The Northwest Territories stands strong with Canada and this message.”