GNWT donates to Alberta Fires Appeal

VANCOUVER (May 5, 2016) – Deputy Premier Robert C. McLeod announced today that the Government of the Northwest Territories will donate $50,000 to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal. The donation, made on behalf of the people of the Northwest Territories will assist victims of the wildfire in the Fort McMurray area.

The donation is in addition to offers to assist in forest fire operations and emergency response made by Government of the Northwest Territories officials yesterday.


“The people of the Northwest Territories share much in common with the residents of Fort McMurray and northern Alberta. They are more than neighbours for many of us, they are also our friends and family. We are pleased to donate to the Red Cross relief effort and will continue to be ready to provide whatever kind of assistance we can, should it be requested.”

  • Robert C. McLeod, Deputy Premier

Quick facts

  • The GNWT has resources ready and available to assist with firefighting efforts in Alberta if requested.
  • The Government of Canada has announced it will match all private donations to the Red Cross to assist people displaced by the Fort McMurray fire.
  • People seeking news on family displaced by the fire can call the Red Cross family reunification line at 1-888-350-6070.


Media contact

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