Robert C. McLeod: Celebrating 50 Years of Partnership With the Northwest Territories Association of Communities

Mr. Speaker, this year, the Northwest Territories Association of Communities celebrates 50 years of collaboration and partnership among community governments and with the Government of the Northwest Territories.  

The NWTAC has long been an important partner of the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, MACA.  Since the beginning, the Association has acted as an advocate for NWT community governments, ensuring that MACA and GNWT policy and programs reflect the needs and circumstances of their member communities.  The Association works closely with MACA and has played an integral role as MACA has developed and implemented the New Deal for NWT Community Governments, the Municipal Funding Review and the Accountability Framework, to name just a few initiatives.

MACA aims to encourage the development of capable, accountable and self-directed community governments across the NWT and actively engages with the NWTAC to advance initiatives which support this goal.

The Government of the Northwest Territories has made a commitment in its Mandate to develop a strategy to address the existing gap in community government funding levels. We have also committed to develop and propose amendments to the Civil Emergency Measures Act and the Fire Protection Act.  MACA’s relationship with the NWTAC will support the Department as it works to complete those actions over the next several years. Engagement and consultation with community governments, as represented by the NWTAC, is critical for developing new initiatives and implementing existing programs. I place great value on our relationship with the NWTAC as it ensures that the programs and services delivered by MACA are responsive to and supportive of the needs of the NWT’s 33 community governments.

I would like to congratulate the NWTAC on their 50 year anniversary. I look forward to the continuation of a strong and meaningful relationship with the organization and the NWT’s community governments.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.