Wally Schumann: Roundup 2017 NWT Night Remarks

Check Against Delivery

Thank you, Premier. We have talked a lot today about the challenges faced by our mining industry and what we can - and must do - to move tis industry forward.

These are tough times in mining and these have been important conversations for us to have, but it is important that we do not lose sight of the successes that we have had – as an industry and a territory.

We are the jurisdiction which put Canadian diamonds on the map.

Around our diamonds, we have built a strong economy powered by northern and Aboriginally-owned businesses that have cut their teeth in fields like logistics, engineering, and geoscience. Many of them have emerged as world leaders.

Working in in this family of businesses – and in our mines - is a trained, vibrant, young labour force ready to tackle the work of today, and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

Supporting this labour force is investment from our government, our federal partners, Aboriginal governments, and mining and exploration companies.  

I think of the success that has been realized by the Mine Training Society.

Through millions of dollars in sponsorships, grants, and scholarships, the operators of our diamond mines have brought new opportunities, investments and wellbeing to our residents and their communities. 

From all of this has emerged perhaps our most unique feature: that being a widespread and established support for the industry we are celebrating tonight. It stretches from the Aboriginal governments who work tirelessly to ensure the benefits of resource development are shared among their people, to the 80% of our residents who say they support mining and exploration.

And with Devolution, we now hold the ability to write the laws and enact the policies which will ensure a strong future for mining and exploration in the Northwest Territories.

These assets are reflected in this room tonight. They’re reflected in your depth of experience, variety of skills, and your breadth of knowledge.

Our territory was built on mining.  We have come a long way together.  I am confident that we will be returning to North with the solutions that will define the next generation of exploration and mining in the NWT.

Enjoy the festivities tonight. I look forward to meeting and speaking with many of you.

Thank You.