REDI Initiative set to Increase Public Understanding and Awareness of Resource and Energy Development

INUVIK (June 22, 2017) – A new public information campaign is set to increase public understanding and awareness regarding the Northwest Territories’ renewable and non-renewable energy resources and the means by which they can be developed.

Called REDI for Resources and Energy Development Information, the new initiative encourages NWT residents to “Get REDI” with fact-based information about the benefits, risks and potential for resource and energy development in the NWT.

The initiative debuted last week in Inuvik, with plans to engage residents across the NWT in the near future.  An interactive website is also being developed in addition to a more formal educational component for delivery in a classroom setting.


“There are many resources in our land and territory that can be used in many different ways to power our future.  As work begins to evolve our legislative and regulatory environment in the NWT, understanding what resources we have and how we can benefit from their use or development is key.  It is essential that residents have the information they need to be a part of the engagements that will ensure these resources are used safely and sustainably.”    
-Wally Schumann, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment

Quick Facts

  • REDI information is provided in 7 theme areas: Alternative Energy; Mineral Exploration and Mining; Petroleum Exploration and Development; Geoscience; Environment and Natural Resources; Regulatory and Enforcement; and Indigenous Affairs.
  • The REDI Initiative supports commitments made by the GNWT to ensure that residents have meaningful opportunities to participate in the assessment of potential benefits and risks associated with resource development including hydraulic fracturing.

Media Contact
Drew Williams
Manager, Communications and Public Affairs
Industry, Tourism and Investment
1-867-767-9202 ext. 63037