Municipal Administrator Appointed in Norman Wells

YELLOWKNIFE (October 18, 2017) – The Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) has determined that the Municipal Corporation of the Town of Norman Wells (‘the Town’) is experiencing operational difficulties. 

Under the authority provided through section 155(1) of the Cities, Towns and Villages Act, SNWT 2003, c22, the Minister has dissolved the Town Council and appointed a Municipal Administrator effective October 18, 2017. The Minister has appointed Eleanor Young, Deputy Minister of MACA, as Administrator for the Town.

MACA will continue to provide support to the community government through the various programs and services offered by the department. The Administrator will be focused on developing new and amending existing council bylaws to ensure there are clear authorities, operations and procedures for future elected Councils.  Providing this direct support is consistent with the Government of the Northwest Territories’ goal of building stronger relationships with community governments and stakeholders, as outlined in the 18th Assembly’s Mandate.


“Supporting the development of strong community governments is a priority for MACA. Appointing a Municipal Administrator in Norman Wells is a critical step in helping the community government to address significant operational difficulties.”
- Caroline Cochrane, Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs

Quick Facts

  • On July 4, 2017 the Minister of MACA appointed John Hazenberg of Seventh Generation Inc. to complete a municipal inspection of the Town of Norman Wells. The purpose of the inspection was to confirm whether or not the local government had complied with all legislated requirements in the conduct of its business.
  • The Inspector’s Report indicated that the community government was experiencing operational difficulties and recommended that the Minister appoint a Municipal Administrator.
  • After lengthy engagement with the Mayor and Council and after reviewing the Report of the Municipal Inspector, the Minister has issued an order appointing a Municipal Administrator.
  • As of the effective date of the order, the Town Council is dissolved. The Municipal Administrator will assume all of the responsibilities and authorities of the Council, including finding ways to engage the public in decisions and providing direction and supervision to the SAO.
  • This is an exceptional step and taken only when deemed necessary by the Minister. Municipal Administration has only been used in two cases since 1999, and, in one of those cases, it was at the request of Council.

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